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Kim-Yen Huynh
Nick Pham
Vice President
Lyly Nguyen, Esq., LLM
Legal Counsel
Teresa Nguyen
Teresa Nguyen
Acting Secretary




Christopher Tran
(714) 531-3589
CEO & President
Dba Gobundle.com
15351 Brookhurst St., Ste 108
Westminster , CA 92683

Create saving for consumers
GoBundle.com treats all buying needs of a consumer at a particular time as a single buying objective instead of multiple separated objectives. For example, a person traveling would be interested in air tickets, hotel, foods and tours. By exploring and negotiating with suppliers in these areas, GoBundle.com can create low-cost packages that match a buyer's requirements.

Management Team
GoBundle.com's management team includes experienced and successful business executives, technologists and entrepreneurs who have created, owned and led several companies in both traditional and Internet domains. The knowledge, experience and business connections in these industries will ensure the successful execution of GoBundle's mission.


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